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About Me


My Story

Since a young age I've had a sweet tooth. Sour Skittles became a favorite of mine very quickly, followed by Jolly Ranchers and Milk Duds. I'm no stranger to the temptation of food, like so many others who struggle with their diet. I've been on an extreme end of the spectrum and have worked my way back to a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle.

Reading Dr. Mark Hyman's book WTF Should I Eat? opened my eyes to nutrition. Hearing so many conflicting things online made my head spin, so his book was like someone tossed a life preserver to my mind which floated in a sea of "Top 10's" and "[Insert Food] is bad!" or "[Insert Food] is good!" Honestly, he sparked my interest in learning all about food and dietetics for myself. I enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)'s Certification Program for Nutrition Coaching. I learned more than I could have ever thought possible.


But, during my time in the program, I discovered a passion for using that newfound knowledge to help others. Thus, my career in coaching began. Helping friends, family, and strangers alike has grown my skills and tested my knowledge, with my abilities strengthening all throughout the process. Now, I've come back to NASM for my Certification of Personal Training, allowing me to provide the full spectrum of preventative care for everyone from high school athletes to grandparents of five. ​

The Process

Nutrition, much like taste, is variable. What I'm allergic to might not be what you're allergic to. So, why do the companies, coaches, and mainstream diets make you feel like another brick in the wall? Because they cater to a majority. That majority is the same majority that the USDA's Dietary Guidelines use to provide nutritional information.

Here's an example: On all Nutrition Labels you'll see "*based on a 2,000 calorie diet." That doesn't mean you are someone who requires a 2,000 calorie diet. In fact, a person's caloric needs can range from 1,400 to 3,000.

You don't deserve the cookie cutter programs. You deserve the best, because health shouldn't be a compromise.

Be A Healthier You is devoted to your good health at a bargain price compared to programs of the same caliber. You'll receive information about your body's needs, limits, and room for growth; help defining and reaching goals; constant guidance throughout the process; and an unwavering, supportive environment to overcome the negatives by promoting the positives. Why wait, when the steps to a healthy and happy life are only a session away?

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